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Sanitary Butterfly Valve

The stainless steel sanitary butterfly valve is usually automatic or manual. It is widely used in various industries, such as beer, dairy, beverage, pharmacy, biotechnology, etc.

1. Imported seal: A. Received FDA hygienic certification; B. Resist acid, alkali and high temperature; C. Low compression set
2. Precisely Forged valve plug: Maximum pressure≤1.2MPa; Better metallographic structure than cast ones
3. Appearance: Latest style in the world
4. Service life: Valve: As long as that of imported valves
Seal: 18-month warranty under normal circumstances
5. Price/performance ratio: Alternative to imported valve, cost saving, reliable operation

Materials of Sanitary Butterfly Valve
1. Contact surface between the product and medium: 304 or 316L
2. Seal: Standard: EPDM
Optional: Silicon, FDM or HNBR

Types of Connecting Pipes or Equipment
1. Weld, thread, clamp, stud weld or flange
2. Conform to DN11850, IDF/ISO and SMS international standards, so as to be applied in conjunction with any imported equipment

1. Standard: Metal handle or reinforced nylon handle
2. Optional: Adjustable handle; Customization

Pneumatic actuator
1. NO, spring to open and air to close
2. NC, spring to close and air to open
3. Optional inductive probe with ON/OFF signal feedback
4. Compact design, small size and high torsion
5. Easy installation

Technical Parameters of Sanitary Butterfly Valve
1. Outside diameter range: DN25~DN200 1"~4"
2. Pressure tolerance: 10bar
3. Compressed air supply: Minimum: 4bar
Maximum: 8bar
4. Pneumatic actuator torque: 40Nm
5. Surface finish: Cutting: Ra1.6~3.2 mm
Polishing: Ra0.4~0.8 mm

Requirements for Compressed Air Quality The Actuator Needs
1. Compressed air connection: Air tube equipped with air hose coupling R1/8"
2. Maximum particle size: 0.01mm
3. Maximum oil content: 0.08ppm
4. Dew point: ≤-10℃
5. Maximum water content: 7.5g/kg

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