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Aseptic Diaphragm Valve

The stainless steel aseptic diaphragm valve is fitted with a German PTFE corrugated elastic diaphragm and a steam chamber at the seal of the plug, which separates sterilization stem from air and guarantees safe operation. It is easy to clean without dead angle, and particularly applicable to materials supply under aseptic circumstances.

Technical Parameters of Aseptic Diaphragm Valve
1. Tolerable pressure: ≤5bar
2. Tolerable temperature: +260℃
3. Scalability: 1 million times
4. Material: Diaphragm: PTFE
Valve body: 304 or 316L

Requirements for Compressed Air Quality The Actuator Needs
1. Compressed air connection: Air tube equipped with air hose coupling R1/8"
2. Maximum particle size: 0.01mm
3. Maximum oil content: 0.08ppm
4. Dew point: ≤-10℃
5. Maximum water content: 7.5g/kg

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