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Sanitary Pressure Sustaining Valve

The stainless steel sanitary pressure sustaining valve can be employed to keep the inlet or outlet pressure constant. With ideal fluidity and clearance, it is easy to operate, adjust and maintain. The valve body allows multiple connection modes.

Technical Parameters of Sanitary Pressure Sustaining Valve
1. Material pressure: ≤10bar
2. Temperature range:-10℃~95℃
3. Compressed air pressure: 0~8ba

Requirements for Compressed Air Quality The Actuator Needs
1. Compressed air connection: Air tube equipped with air hose coupling R1/8"
2. Maximum particle size: 0.01mm
3. Maximum oil content: 0.08ppm
4. Dew point: ≤-10℃
5. Maximum water content: 7.5g/kg

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