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Sanitary Flow Control Valve

The stainless steel sanitary flow control valve falls into the electro-pneumatic control valve and manual control valve. It can be applied in automatic control system to control pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level, and so on.

Body Material
Contact surface between the body and medium: Stainless steel 304 or 316L

Valve Plug Seal
1. Soft seal (EPDM or PTFE)
2. Metal seal

Electro-pneumatic Control Valve Style
1. Standard: Welding nozzle, globe valve body, EPDM and completely closed (normally-closed)
2. Positioner: Electric/Pneumatic (I/P) switch
3. Signal range: 4~20mA (standard)

Other Optional Styles
1. Aseptic style (PTFE diaphragm or 316L diaphragm)
2. Positioner: Pneumatic/Pneumatic (P/P) switch
3. Plug: Normally-open

Surface Finish of Sanitary Flow Control Valve
1. Outside: Sandblasting: Ra≤1.6mm
Matt Polishing: Ra≤0.6 mm
2. Inside: Polishing: Ra≤0.6 mm

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