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Sanitary Pressure Reducing Valve / Pressure Regulator

The stainless steel sanitary pressure reducing valve, also called pressure regulator, can be designed into various structures and extensively applied in beverage, dairy, beer, and other industries.

Structural Characteristics
1. The product features simple structure, good appearance, rapid regulating and convenient maintenance.
2. The sanitary pressure reducing valve’s pressure control allows arbitrarily adjusting within the range.
3. The acid-resistant stainless steel body looks smooth and lustrous. Made of food grade rubber, the seal complies with related hygienic specifications.
4. The liquid flow direction is supposed to be emphasized during installation, to avoid reverse direction.

Technical Parameters
1. Working pressure: ≤6bar
2. Pressure control range: 0.5~6bar
3. Nominal diameter: DN25~DN100
4. Seal material: Food grade rubber or metal
5. Medium temperature: -10℃~+120℃
6. Working medium: Liquid, gas

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