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P128 Sanitary Cleaning-in-place Mix Proof Valve

The P128 stainless steel sanitary cleaning-in-place mix proof valve features waterproof hammer design, innovative seat lifting, leak-free structure, safe operation and easy maintenance. Furthermore, the upper and lower valve plugs may carry out pulse inching CIP.

1. Solid one-piece valve body without dead angle
2. Sanitary surface finish
3. Doubly balanced plug with safe waterproof hammer
4. Radial seal without risk of leak
5. High-powered seal material and fewer sealing elements
6. Longer service life
7. Flow passage components which can be cleaned thoroughly
8. Inching jet cleaning with less CIP lotion
9. More sanitary and reliable
10. Compact structure and light weight
11. Modular integration design that is easy to update
12. Convenient maintenance
13. Various control units available

Technical Parameters
1. Material pressure range: 0~8bar
2. Temperature range: -10℃~+150℃
3. Operative air pressure: 6~8bar

Materials of P128 Sanitary Cleaning-in-place Mix Proof Valve
1. Contact surface between the product and medium: 304 or 316L
2. Seal: Standard: EPDM
Optional: Silica gel or fluorine gel

Surface Finish
1. Outside: Sandblasting: Ra≤1.6 mm
Matt Polishing: Ra≤0.6 mm
2. Inside: Polishing: Ra≤0.6 mm

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