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Sanitary Pipe Fitting

The stainless steel sanitary pipe fitting consists of sanitary pipes, bent pipes, tee pipes, transition pipes, and so forth. They are manufactured on the German production lines with the most advanced production technology, and comply with some international standards, such as 3A and BPE of America, DIN of Germany, SMS of Sweden and BS of Britain. The CNC machine tool used ensures dimensional precision of each product. After solid solution and surface treatment, they turn into high-end products.

The threaded, clamp or flange unions also belong to sanitary pipe fittings. Processed by CNC machine tool, they are provided with identical size and high quality. Before delivery, they may receive strict inspection to avoid any flaw.

Technical Parameters of Sanitary Pipe Fitting
1. Material: 304 and 316, which are commonly used in pipe fitting manufacturing and come from large iron and steel plants, such as Baogang, Taigang and Jiuli
2. Precision: Exactly conform the product tolerance standards of 3A, DIN, SMS, BS, etc.
3. Surface: Food grade: Ra≤0.8 mm
Pharmaceutical Grade: Ra≤0.4 mm or lower
4. Maximum pressure: See P305-306, attached list
5. Seal: Product hygiene index (appraised by authorities): National standard
Optional material: EPDM, VMQ, NBR, FPM and PTFE

45 degree bent pipe Extension 90 degree bent pipe 90 degree bent pipe 180 degree bent pipe
R-type tee pipe Long tee pipe with same diameters Short tee pipe with same diameters Long cross pipe with same diameters
Short cross pipe with same diameters End socket Sealing nut Sealing nut with chain
Clamp component Nut Threaded union Threaded component
Eccentric reducer Spherical sight glass Concentric reducer Short tee pipe with different diameters
Taper union Tapered end cap

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