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BPE Pipe Fitting

The BPE stainless steel pipe fitting can be applied in biotechnology and pharmacy industries.

Technical Parameters
1. Types of connecting pipes or equipment: Weld, clamp
2. Specification: 1/2s-6s
3. Internal surface finish: 20Ra mechanical polishing, 10Ra electropolishing, or no polishing (if required)
4. Criterion: ASME BPE biotechnology manufacturing equipment standard

Material and Tracking Performance
The products employs 316L stainless steel with sulfur content of 0.005~0.017%. The furnace number, material, product number, size and surface roughness grade marked on the surface help to trace origins. The adopted materials are up to ASTM269/A270 standards, and the products are up to ASTMA479 standard.

Heat Treatment
The solution treatment reduces interior stress cased by machining BPE pipe fittings and improves size stability.

Polishing options
1. No polishing
2. Electrolytic polishing: 10Ra
3. Internal polishing: #3
4. External polishing: #7

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