The sanitary status of food, beverage, and other consumables is becoming increasingly more relevant in a society where healthy living is avidly promoted.
LYSF is a leading Chinese manufacturer of high fidelity sanitary fluid equipment. Our company was incorporated in 1995 under the officially registered name of SIFANG Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. As a trusted supplier, we provide stainless steel sanitary pipes, pumps, valves, and fittings for professionals in industries such as food, beverage, beer, dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical. Sanitary tank accessories and fully featured customization options are also available.

In a fiercely competitive domestic market, LYSF is favored by at least 15% of the target demographic. The integrity of our products is a testament of our commitment to quality. Thus far, we have been approved by the certifications of organizations such as 3A, SGS, and TUV.

Each year LYSF manufactures 3 thousand pumps, 100 thousand valves, 3 million units of pipe fitting, and one million square meters of pipe. We are always stocked in standard models so that orders may be filled promptly. OEM service is available for region-specific standards such as 3A, BS, DS, BPE, DIN, ISO, and SMS.

In 2007, LYSF was recognized for outstanding production safety and presented with the title of "Hi-tech Enterprise" by Jiangsu province. For consecutive years, we won the "Bright Star Award" and were labeled as a "Trustworthy Enterprise" and "AAA Credible Enterprise". Our products are highly recommended by the Chinese Institute of Food Science & Technology.

Our company emerged from humble beginnings. We began operations with a staff of 30 employees and revenues below one million RMB. Years of groundwork and the expert guidance of a competent general manager has allowed our business to grow and prosper. The modern day LYSF is recognized as a famous brand of China and widely regarded as one of the largest manufactures in the domestic industry for sanitary fluid equipment. We now export to regions including Europe and the Americas. In 2009, we partnered with Alfa Laval and became a joint venture.

Our production facility of 60 thousand square meters is operated by a staff of more than 450 employees, of whom 186 are qualified technical personnel. We have mature manufacturing techniques and advanced arrays of production equipment including the CNC processing center, 3D design studio, CAD mapping tools, automated argon arc welding machine, and more than 30 sets of high-precision CNC machine tools. Our testing lab is equipped with accurate instruments such as the stainless steel finish control-model and chemical composition analyzer for steel materials.

The introduction of new technology and continual investment in fixed assets has led to the expansion of our product variety and manufacturing capacity. We strive to provide customers with high cost-performance equipment. Our projected revenue for 2015 is an estimated 800 million RMB, which translates to a net profit of 60 million RMB.

Thank you for your interest in our products and services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our representatives are on standby to assist you.

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