1. Application: Pneumatically controlling pressure and flow
2. Standard design: The diaphragm is made of high-quality rubber, and other parts are made of AISI316L or 304. The body may be treated by polishing and sandblasting. Maximum temperature is up to 140℃.
3. Working principle: DP-style pressure control valve adjust valve plug position by controlling the pressure of compressed air, so as to reach necessary pressure and flow.
4. Connecting types: weld and clamp
5. Nominal diameter: 15-50mm
6. Medium: Liquid
7. Temperature: 120℃
8. Body material: AISI316L or 304

The sanitary constant pressure control valve is design to keep inlet pressure or outlet pressure constant. So its application contains filters, heat exchangers, pasteurization system, and so forth. There is a diaphragm and a plunger system within the valve. The system may timely adjust the position according to pressure change, in order to make the pressure remain in the preset range. Meanwhile, the plunger permits low liquid flow and high CIP flow. The valve works by using the pressure regulator for compressed air and the pressure gage in the production line. Optimized design allows for thorough cleansing. The inlet is perpendicular to the body bottom, which avert liquid accumulation.

To prevent condensate water from destroying the diaphragm, the steam must be dry. And it is suggested that you should replace the diaphragm after sampling or sterilization 100 times. The renewal frequency can also depend on your own situation.
1. Maximum sterilization temperature: 135℃-150℃
2. Seal material: EPDM
3. Dry steam: 2-3bar
4. Time: <20min

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