1.The stainless steel globe valve is fit for high-temperature or high-pressure pipelines and equipments, such as pipelines in heat-engine plants, nuclear power stations or petrochemical works.
2. The pipelines with less stress on flow resistance may apply the globe valve, like places attaching little weight to pressure loss.
3. Small-sized valves can choose needle valves, gauge valves, sampling valves, and so on.
4. The globe valves are provided with low-precision flow control or pressure control, and fit pipelines with small diameters; for example, the pipeline with nominal diameter smaller than 50mm.
5. When you want to synthesize chemical fertilizer, high pressure angle globe valves or high pressure angle throttle valves with PN160, 16MPa or PN320, 32MPa are quite suitable.
6. The desilication process and pipelines apt to coke may adopt oblique stop valves or oblique throttle valves with split valve bodies, demountable seats and hard alloy seals.
7. The water supply or heat supply projects may apply globe valves, balancing valves or plunger valves to cooperate with pipelines with small inside nominal diameters, like 150mm. The globe valve features high wear resistance and compact size. Its friction between the valve disk and body is less than that of the sluice valve. Its opening height is only a quarter of the seat channel diameter.

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