In 1995, Sifang Stainless Steel Products Co.,Ltd. was established.

In 2007, we were rated as a high and new technology enterprise of Jiangsu province. Later, we continuously won several honorary titles, including "Recommended Products by Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology", "AAA Level Credit Enterprise", "Splendor Star", "A-class Tax Payment Trustworthy Enterprise", "Enterprise of Observing Contracts and Keeping Promise", "Private Science and Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province", and "Safety Production Collective of Jiangsu Province".

In 2008, our brand was praised as a well-known trademark of Changzhou city.

In 2009, our brand was awarded as a famous trademark of Jiangsu province. We started to cooperate with Alfa Laval and turned into a joint venture.

In 2011, with sales revenue of 389 million yuan, we got a profit of 14.84 million yuan and paid taxes of 4.52 million yuan.

In 2012, our product quality has been in the domestic leading level. Meeting ISO/IDF, DIN and 3A standards, our valves and pipe fittings have been well received in various industries, such as beer, dairy, chemical, pharmacy and so on. We took 3rd place in China and 1st place in Jiangsu province with approximately 15% domestic market share.

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