There are two independent plungers in the mixproof valve, which enables the valve to operate in special occasions. Its valve body and the single-acting or double-acting actuator have been thickened to improve mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance. The seal is made of PFA, because the material is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. If the lower plunger pressure exceeds 10bar, VDCI can reduce pressure and avoid mixing liquids from the upper pipe and lower pipe. With a floating plastic or elastic seal, the pneumatic valve is durable and qualified.

The valve is popular in wine, soft drink and other liquid manufacturing processes requiring high levels of hygiene. When it is used in a set of automatic valves, separate CIP is allowed.
1. The controlling part is transparent and separate, which make the switch obvious and allows for adding new part.
2. Micro switch or approach switch are available.
3. The solenoid valve can be added.
4. The valve stem is led by PTFE bearing.
5. The valve adopts open valve yoke.
6. For the valves whose connecting types are weld or clamp, their bodies are cut by round steel car.
7. The balanced plunger is connected with the lower stem to prevent lower pipe pressure variation from influencing the upper pipe.

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