Selection Principles
1. The sanitary safety valve of steam boilers belongs to the spring full-open type safety valve.
2. The spring loaded low lift type safety valve is suitable for liquid media.
3. Closed spring loaded low lift type safety valves are usually used for gas media.
4. The full-open type built-in safety valve is commonly seen in a LPG tank truck or a LPG tank car.
5. The exit of producing well may adopt a pilot operated safety valve.
6. Because of safety and control functions, a pilot operated safety valve is also well received in the high-pressure bypass of a steam generator.
7. If the regular opening test is required, the safety valve with a lifting handle is more appropriate. When the medium pressure is more than 75% of opening pressure, the valve disk can be slightly lifted through the handle, so as to check its flexibility.
8. In case the service temperature of a closed type safety valve exceeds 300℃ or that of a full-open type safety valve exceeds 350℃, a safety valve with radiator ought to be applied, for the sake of reducing temperature of the spring chamber.
9. When the altering quantity of the exit backpressure is above 10% of opening pressure, a bellows type safety valve is the right one to use.
10. Bellows type safety valves can be employed to protect important components from corrosion.

Installation and Maintenance
1. The sanitary safety valve is supposed to be installed vertically.
2. Make sure that there is no obstruction in the exit of the valve, to prevent compression happening.
3. It must be tested before installation, especially its sealing performance.
4. The regular inspection of the valve in use ought to be carried out.

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