1. With simpler structure than that of the sluice valve, the stainless steel stop valve is convenient to manufacture and maintain.
2. When the valve is opened or closed, there is no relative slip between the sealing sides of the valve disk and body. Hence, the sides do not readily wear or scratch, and perform well in sealing with long service life.
3. Due to short stroke and high torque, opening or closing the valve needs more effort and time. So it is lower and longer than the sluice valve.
4. Its twisty internal structure increases flow resistance and power consumption.
5. When PN≤16MP, usually the flow direction is positive and from bottom to top. When PN≥20MPa, the flow direction is reverse and from top to bottom, which may improve sealing ability. If the valve is in use, the flow direction can not be switched.
6. The valve disk may suffer washout when opened.

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